Investing in Girl Change-Makers in Ethiopia

GGRF invests in girl
change-makers in


In Ethiopia, 95% of girls begin their education but only 10% complete through 12th grade.*

We’re on a mission to change that. Here’s how:

Education Ethiopian Girls GGRF


We support girls during adolescence, when they are most likely to drop out of school and, and provide scholarships to reduce the barriers they face.

Support Athletes in Ethiopia


GGRF is the only organization in Ethiopia to utilize running as a foundation for girls to develop personal agency, community, and mentorship.

Life Skills training Ethiopian Women

Life Skills

We establish programs that provide Ethiopian girls with the tools they need to navigate the challenges they face in adolescence.

Ethiopian Women Empowerment GGRF

Savings and Entrepreneurship

We foster financial resilience for families by investing in GGRF mothers through funding, savings programs, and financial literacy training.

We’ve impacted over 1,300 people in Ethiopia by investing in girls and their mothers.

But we’re just getting started. We need your help.


Invest in a GGRF Family


For $50/month you can fully fund the participation of a girl and her mom in the GGRF Program this year.

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