Thank You for Being Part of What Makes GGRF Different

The Girls Gotta Run Foundation is a grassroots organization built by individuals who do things differently. We are a unique group of tenacious girls, runners, students, parents, supporters, donors and friends across the globe, who are taking steps each day to elevate the position of girls in Ethiopia.

This Thanksgiving, I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who has contributed to the journey of this organization. We have grown into an innovative and unique organization with an impact thanks to YOU; thanks to the donors who have invested in our work, the leaders who make our work come to life in Ethiopia and the girls who inspire us everyday with their courage and vision.

I am immensely proud to know and work with the good people who have formed our GGRF family in Ethiopia, the US and across the globe. Thank you for being part of this organization and our continued journey to invest in girl change-makers in Ethiopia. I look forward to what we will build together in the future.

Much love,

Executive Director 
Girls Gotta Run Foundation


GGRF #IDG5K with Harlem Run



Thank you to everyone who came out and supported our International Day of the Girl 5K with Harlem Run on Monday, October 12th!

Much love to Harlem Run Founder, Alison, for inviting us to be part of the epic group of runners that is ‪#‎HARLEMRUN‬. Thank you to all the running crews and people that brought this run to another level!

We're so proud to run with you all and celebrate strong girls everywhere! WHO ARE WE? WHAT DO WE RUN? WE RUN THE WORLD.




International Day of the Girl 5K Fundraiser

International Day of the Girl 5K Run - October 11th, 2015

Help raise funds and awareness for girls who are empowering themselves and their communities through running and education in Ethiopia by participating our IDG 5K pop-up run! Every dollar donated will go towards providing Athletic Scholarships for girls in Ethiopia. Here's how to get involved:

REGISTER: Grab two of your friends and register for the IDG Pop-Up 5K event by contributing $25 each towards providing Athletic Scholarships for girls in Ethiopia. 

RUN: Run a 5K with your friends on Sunday, October 11th, the International Day of the Girl, and celebrate strong girls globally.

SHARE: Share photos of your squad running the 5K and enter to win some free swag. Use the hashtag #IDG5K to participate in the global pop-up 5K event. 

Complete your 5K anytime before or on the International Day of the Girl to celebrate and invest in strong girls! Click HERE to register and contribute to our IDG 5K fundraising goal. 


GGRF Featured on Allegro Coffee Blog

Allegro Coffee interviewed GGRF Executive Director Kayla Nolan about our work in Ethiopia, our partenrship with Allegro Coffee and President Obama's visit to Ethiopia. Click the image above to read the full interview.


Behind the Scenes with Girls Gotta Run

We’re excited to invite you to take a behind the scenes look at what GGRF has been up to and the ways in which we work with our partners to provide quality programming and Athletic Scholarships in Ethiopia. We recently launched our second class of 20 Athletic Scholars in Sodo, who join our first class of 15, now in their second year of the three year program; and we conducted family visits and completed our first year participatory program evaluation. Take a look!

GGRF Family Day in Sodo, Ethiopia.


After an intensive interview process, we were excited to invite 20 girls and their families to join our Athletic Scholarship Program in Sodo, Ethiopia. Our staff and mentors in Sodo oriented the new girls with the Athletic Scholarship Program and matched them with returning students to mentor them through the first few weeks of the program. All of the Athletic Scholars received new training gear and academic supplies to prepare them for the coming school year.

After orientation, all of the Athletic Scholarship Program participant families were invited to join us for a family day celebration where we danced, had a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony and presented certificates of participation to the Athletic Scholars.

GGRF Athletic Scholar Tirsit and her family in Sodo, Ethiopia. Photo by Marie Claire Andrea.


We met with the families of our Athletic Scholars to discuss the GGRF program and how we can work together to make this program as effective as possible. GGRF Athletic Scholar Tirsit’s mom had the following to say about her daughter’s education and involvement in the GGRF program:

“I feel like education is above many things. It is incomparable in importance. There is no substitution for education. Everything else (prosperity, wealth, etc.) can disappear, but education stays with someone until they die.

This program can benefit Ethiopia. I hope my daughter will do something great in the future and for the country. The country can have a big and great reputation as a result of her.” – GGRF Athletic Scholar Tirsit’s mother.

We asked the GGRF Athletic Scholars what the most important things are that they get out of the GGRF Program. Here are a few of the main themes they came up with.


We worked with the returning Athletic Scholars to get their feedback on the GGRF program, what skills they've gained, what part of the program was most important to them, and how they've grown over the past year. Here’s what two returning GGRF Athletic Scholars had to say about the program:

“When people say, ‘there is the girl who can run and is strong’ it makes me feel proud of myself as a runner.” – Athletic Scholar Betelhem.

"I love having school lunches in this program. Lunches let me stay at school to eat so I don't have to walk home. My home is very far and when I walk there for lunch, I miss school because I'm not able to get back to school on time after walking. Now I can eat lunch during school days. Thank you!" - Athletic Scholar Merawit.

At the end of the program evaluation, the Athletic Scholars presented their findings to their parents at the GGRF family day celebration.

Hope you've enjoyed this behind the scenes look at what we've been working on in Ethiopia. To learn more about our program, how to sponsor an Athletic Scholar, ways to support strong girls in Ethiopia or get more involved with our work, please don't hesitate to contact us today!

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