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    |DONATE| Thank you for taking the time to support young Ethiopian women today. Your kind donation will work to provide athletic, educational and leadership opportunities to Ethiopian women runners. See how one donation can make a world of a difference to a young woman in Ethiopia:

    $10 provides one sport shirt for one girl
    $15 provides one pair of shorts or pants
    $20 provides transportation for one month for one athlete to and from training and race sites
    $25 provides healthy snacks for one athlete for one month
    $30 provides one sports uniform for one athlete
    $35 provides one sports bra for a girl runner
    $50 provides one pair of running shoes
    $60 provides an entire month’s food for one athlete for one month
    $75 provides one pair of shoes and one sports outfit for one girl
    $100 provides one coach’s subsidy for 3 months (for after school coaching)
    $100 provides an athlete the opportunity to travel to domestic competitions
    $600 sponsors an athlete for a year

    If you prefer, you can send a check made out to Girls Gotta Run Foundation to 

            3715 Jocelyn Street, NW 
            Washington, DC 20015

    If you’d like to make a gift to honor or celebrate someone, please provide the name and address of the person to whom an acknowledgment should be sent.