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    |TRANSITIONS CHARITY| In Addis Ababa more than 30 percent of girls aged 10-14 are not living with their parents. Twenty percent of these have run away from child marriages. Twelve percent are domestic workers and many are forced to work in bars for very little money. Often, girls end up living on the streets with no support system at all and are subject to sexual and physical abuse.

    The Transitions Charity is an Ethiopian non-profit organization that supports promising and committed female runners who are homeless in Addis Ababa. The concept for the organization was developed in 2011 by two of the original Team Tesfa members, Meseret Asfaw and Amsal Kelemwork, who have benefitted from the support of Girls Gotta Run Foundation and wanted to help other female runners who were struggling in Addis Ababa. With the assistance of the Tesfa Foundation staff, the Transitions Charity is now registered with the Ethiopian Ministry of Justice and has completed the necessary paperwork to function as a non-profit organization in Ethiopia.

    Since the establishment of their organization, Meseret and Amsal have recruited the first five homeless teenage female athletes that will benefit from the Transitions Charity. They have also secured a home for the teens to live in and a ‘house-mother’ to care for the well being of the young women. As members of the Transitions Charity, the teens compete and train as members of Team Tesfa. Meseret and Amsal helped them settle in, orienting them to the house, the program and the team. Meseret and Amsal continue to provide oversight, guidance, counseling, and hands-on help to the girls.

    In addition, a Tesfa staff member has been recruited to provide mentorship and oversight for Meseret and Amsal as they begin their work with Transitions Charity. Meseret and Amsal are being trained in business management, fundraising and money management by a Tesfa staff member to build their capacity to excel in their new initiative. Within three to four years, Meseret and Amsal will be secondary school graduates and experienced managers of a non-profit organization.

    The Girls Gotta Run Foundation provides funds for part-time salaries for Meseret and Amsal, a part time Tesfa staff person and office equipment and supplies for the administration of the charity.