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    |TEAM TESFA| Team Tesfa is a professional track and cross country team based in Addis Ababa and managed by the Tesfa Foundation. The team provides its female athletes opportunities to train and compete in Ethiopia. It also offers safe home environments, healthcare, HIV/AIDS counseling, mentorship, education, and meaningful work for its team members. The outreach programs provided by Team Tesfa are 100% privately funded as there is currently no government funding available for female sport and empowerment programs. The Girls Gotta Run Foundation is happy to be able to provide the girls with athletic shoes, clothing, money for some of their food and coaching needs, as well as some other training-related expenses.

    Team Tesfa was the first team that Girls Gotta Run Foundation supported when it was established in 2007. The team originally consisted of four female athletes and has since grown to twenty athletes. The team has had several significant athletic successes, including Chaltu Tafa winning first place among the women at the Flag Day 8K and the women’s 6K team winning the second division trophy at the Addis Ababa Cross Country Club Championship Races. All of the athletes compete in regional and national races multiple times throughout the year.

    After six years of working with Team Tesfa, they are launching a new Team Tesfa Initiative in conjunction with the non-profit, Ethiopia Reads.  The new program entitled, “Women Athletes for Literacy and Learning (WALL)” will give girl athletes opportunities to mentor and teach the kids within the Ethiopia Reads schools and libraries to enhance positive career training. GGRF is happy to see this program expand in an innovative way and looks forward to following the continued success of the athletes of Team Tesfa.