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    |WHAT WE DO|GGRF is the only non-profit organization in Ethiopia using the national sport of running as an innovative approach to creating safe spaces, ending child marriage and expanding access to secondary school for vulnerable girls. GGRF invests in girls and their families to create long-term paths for self-reliance and financial resiliency. 

    Through the development of strong partnerships with local and international organizations and with the support of an enormous number of individuals, Girls Gotta Run Foundation has cultivated several successful projects that empower Ethiopian women runners and their communities. In each of the projects that Girls Gotta Run Foundation has co-created and supported, female athletes have been reaching their educational, athletic and individual goals. Additionally, many of the projects have become financially self-sustaining through their involvement with Ethiopian institutions. Take a look at some of the ways Girls Gotta Run Foundation has supported Ethiopian women runners in reaching their fullest potential since 2007.

    Watch the Euro News Learning World Special Report on the Girls Gotta Run Foundation Program in Soddo, Ethiopia to learn more about how GGRF is making a difference in the lives of Ethiopian girls today.

    Girls Gotta Run Foundation programs focus on four key investment strategies for girls and their mothers: education, running, life skills, and savings and entrepreneurship.

    The GGRF Athletic Scholarship is a grassroots program that integrates education, life skills, safe spaces, athletics, savings groups and entrepreneurship to holistically address the diverse challenges facing adolescent girls ages 11 to 18 and their families in Ethiopia.

    Over a three-year period, GGRF helps Athletic Scholars move from primary to secondary school by addressing and providing solutions for the diverse challenges girls face in moving into higher levels of education. Upon completing this three-year intensive investment period, GGRF provides program alumni with academic support to complete their education up to grade 10, the academic year in which they can formally enter the job market in Ethiopia. In addition, GGRF invests in the girl’s future and that of her family by including her mother in entrepreneurship and savings group programming.  

    Since our founding, Girls Gotta Run Foundation has funded innovative and impactful local partners in four regions in Ethiopia to invest in girls and their communities. In 2017, we focused our work on the GGRF Athletic Scholarship Programs in Bekoji and Soddo, Ethiopia.