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    |FUNDRAISE| Take a look at some of the ways that Girls Gotta Run supporters have used their passion and skills to empower women in Ethiopia. Start a fundraiser in your community today!

    Run for GGRF

    Support a great cause by seeking pledges from your family and friends when you run your next race. Whether its a race to the mailbox and back, your first 5K or your next marathon; GGRF would be honored to be one of the reasons you're putting one foot in front of the other. Meet the athletes who are running their next race for GGRF here! Take a look at the athletes who have already run a race for GGRF here

    To pledge your next race to Girls Gotta Run, go to our Firstgiving page and create your fundriasing account!

    Organize a Fundraiser

    1. Fundraising art exhibit. Here’s How to Do It.

    2. Lap-a-thon (Read how some GGRF supporters have raised funds for GGRF this way.)

    3. Bake sale, car wash, read-a-thon… check out Maddie's Lemonade Stand for a little inspiration!

    Search the Web 

    Use when you are searching the web and GoodSearch will donate one cent to GGRF for every search.

    Ideas for Artists

    1) If you have a solo exhibit during the year, include one or more pieces the sale of which or a designated percentage of the sale of which, will be specified to go to GGRF (and of course indicate that somewhere in the gallery and info about the exhibit).

    2) Do a specifically GGRF dedicated solo exhibit where a specific percentage of the sale of any or all pieces is designated for GGRF. If you have a group exhibit, ask the group if they would make it a fundraiser for GGRF by designating a certain percentage of the group sales, even if it is modest, to be specified to go to GGRF.

    3) Get together with another artist friend, and/or a group of artists and/or friends, to do an art-based fundraiser for GGRF. Even a homebased trunk show could be fun, or you could find a friendly art space. A few GGRF supporters also have art spaces for which they are the curators.

    4) If you are a gallery owner and/or the curator of an art space, curate one exhibit during the year specifically as a fundraiser for GGRF.